Packaging Test

Packaging design plays a crucial role in the consumer decision to buy your product (or not). Therefore, making sure your packaging design appeals to consumers and brings across the right message is extremely important.

What is a packaging test

A packaging test will help you understand how well a (proposed) packaging design meets your criteria and on a deeper level, what makes an effective packaging.


  • Be inspired when starting work on a packaging design
  • Improve packaging design
  • Choose the best design out of several options

A packaging test is usually carried out when a new packaging design is nearly finished. But you can also involve consumers when you want to be inspired before you start working on new designs.


If hard figures about how a specific packaging design is appreciated are needed, a quantitative approach is the way to go. In an online survey we show the designs and ask questions about it. But if understanding what makes an effective packaging design is required, an in-depth qualitative approach is the ideal set-up. We will guide in choosing the right approach.

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