Brand Health Tracking

Your brand is one of your most important assets. It provides an anchor for your consumers who have many associations with it, hopefully positive. All of your advertising efforts contribute to the value of your brand.

What is Brand Health Tracking

Brand health tracking will teach you where your brand stands. How many people know it and what they think of it. It will also tell you to what extent your brand is different from your competitors.


Brand health tracking will help you to make strategic branding decisions. It will help you to make your yearly marketing plan, set the right targets and allocate the needed budgets to your advertising efforts.


A quantitative study is required among your target audience. When setting up the research it is very important to determine what brand KPI’s will be measured and which competitors will be taken into account. The sample should be substantial (ideally more than 600 respondents) to be able to measure developments in time.

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