Home-use test

When real consumers use your product in the comfort of their own home, in the moment and situation where they normally use such a product, they can give you the most honest and unbiased feedback. This feedback is what a home-use test captures.

What do you learn from it?

  • How good is your product, the sensory experience.
  • How well does the experience match the expectations and the brand values
  • How your product be improved

What can you do with the results?

Based on the results of a home-use test you can decide if your product is good enough or if it needs tweaking. A positive result will also help to convince others to support your product, like investors or retailers.

When do you use it?

Whenever you need honest and unbiased feedback in order to understand how good your product really is. For instance when you have a new recipe and want to find out if it really is an improvement compared to the original.

The set-up

Participants are recruited in busy places where we can find the ‘general population’. They are handed the product and instructions for participating in the test. They use the product at home and fill in an online questionnaire afterwards. For each test we recruit a representative sample of at least 200 participants. Products can be provided branded or unbranded.

Timing and investment

A standard home-use test for one product costs around €2.500,00 and will take around 2 weeks. Ask us for a ball park or a full proposal using the button below.

Why Future of Food Institute

We have years of experience working in food research. We understand how consumers evaluate products. We offer a quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

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What we do

We help sustainable food companies to innovate faster and communicate with more impact. We do this by offering accessible and crystal clear consumer insights

We love working with mission-driven food companies and non-profits that have a positive impact on society and our planet. Together we empower consumers to make food choices that are good for them as well as for the planet.

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