Segmentation Research

The goal of segmentation research is to divide the total market of consumers into relevant subsegments. Once you identify which consumer segments exist, you can establish which ones best fit your product or brand and how to reach these segments.

Building personas is taking this one step further. It means visualizing the outcomes of a segmentation study and presenting them in an accessible manner. This way the segments are brought to life.

What is segmentation research

Segmentation research basically helps you to understand what relevant subgroups there are in your market. 

It will also teach you:

  • What segments are most attractive to target for us?
  • How can we reach these segments, with the most appealing message and the most effective media?


When you realize that a generic, fit-for-all marketing and advertising approach is not the most effective, it’s time to think about segmentation.

Segmentation research allows you to choose the most promising consumer audience and tailor your marketing and media approach to the needs, desires and behaviors of this persona.


A segmentation study usually starts with a qualitative round to understand along what axes consumers might be divided into meaningful segments. The hypotheses coming from this stage are then quantified in a large scale study.

There are two possibilities if you want to use insights to enable you to apply a segmented marketing approach.  We can build a custom segmentation for your brand and your market(s).

But we also have developed our own model that can be tailored to your brand or categorie. The advantage of using our Food Profiles solution is that it is ready made and can be applied quickly.

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