Positioning Research

A crystal-clear positioning means being relevant in the eyes of the right target group at the right moment. It means you making clear choices regarding what your brand means to which consumers. Positioning research is used to determine what makes your brand unique and distinctive. 

Positioning research will help you to pick your distinctive assets, recognisable elements of your brand’s image that are differentiating from your competitors.

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What is positioning research

Positioning research will help you to understand:

  • Your brands position versus the competition
  • What are the current and possible future distinctive assets for brands in a product category


Positioning research is used when you want to make strategic decisions about what your brand stands for, what it means for the target group.

We advice to conduct positioning research if you want to:

  • Choose where to compete and claim your position in the market
  • Optimise your brand’s image based on growth opportunities


To understand the meaning of brands on a deeper level we use implicit and projective qualitative research technique to elicit brand associations. These are then quantified in quantitative research.

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