Concept Test

A concept test will give you a good idea of the potential of your new idea. This can be a new product, brand or even an idea for your own food start-up. You will learn who would want to buy your product and why. By listening to your target audience at an early stage you can innovate faster and take fewer risks.

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What is a concept test

In a concept test we present your idea for an innovation to real consumers and ask them for their unfiltered and unbiased feedback. They will tell us if and why they are (not) interested in your product idea. Specifically:

  • Strong and weaker aspects, including hidden strengths
  • Perceived uniqueness
  • Understanding of the idea
  • Willingness to pay
  • Effectiveness of your messaging


  • Find previously unthought of opportunities. It will give you creative input to take your idea to the next level.
  • Convince investors, partners, retailers, etc. If you can prove that there is a target audience who is willing to pay for your idea, it will open doors that were shut before.
  • Decrease the risks of failure. Not only will you get an underpinned estimation of the market potential, the concept test will help you develop the right features and the right message thereby optimizing the chances of success.


Most often we use a qualitative approach, with around 15 -25 consumers from the target group. The aim is to get a deep understanding of how they react to your idea. The idea is presented to them and in a number of rounds we collect their feedback, thoughts, questions and doubts. If needed, this can be supplemented with a quantitative test among a bigger target audience to be able to show hard figures.

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