Food Forum

Quick (but decent!) insights from consumers in the frontline of food sustainability

Our Conscious Consumer Community

Our ‘Food Forum’ is an easy and accessible solution that will deliver the consumer insights you need. A group of engaged and motivated consumers is there for helping you out.

  • Give the consumer a prominent and driving role in product development and communication
  • Explore any subject with the help of a group of engaged and motivated consumers
  • Deploy the frontrunners that determine the success of your innovations or communications

We can provide quick and profound answers at a fraction of the cost of regular market research for product development, advertising, branding, claims, etc..

Within the community both quantitative surveys and qualitative techniques can be used. Our community platform allows for making use of all kinds of rich qualitative research techniques, like photo assignments, storytelling, collages, store visits, idea generation, co-creation, you name it!

More studies will follow soon

At this moment our community members are working on a number of studies. Results will be published here.

Our Food Forum Community has been developed in close cooperation with Food Cabinet, a campaign agency specialized in sustainable food. They are experts in turning consumer insights into effective campaigns.

The specs

  • Cost efficient and clear consumer insights
  • Access to front runners, early adapters and followers in the area of sustainable food
  • Fast turn around for qualitative and quantitative research projects
  • Senior research experts with specific knowledge in the area of sustainable food
  • Panel of >1.000 engaged consumers, willing to help brands becoming more sustainable
  • Special target groups like vegans, vegetarian and flexitarians represented
  • Early adopters of sustainable innovations, representing a growing consumer segment of sustainable consumers
  • Known demographic member profiles
  • Known need states-based persona’s (from our 2019 study)

Our portfolio

Our Forum Forum community can be used for a wide range of research purposes. Click any of the tiles below to learn more. 


Successful innovations strike the right chord with the target group. They solve a problem, fulfil a need and enthuse the consumer. Success exists by the grace of the consumer.

Communication & Branding

Branding is all about finding your own sweet spot in the consumer’s mind. Communicating is all about making sure you reach the right consumers with the right message at the right moment.

Insights based strategies

Every food brand is concerned with sustainability. Consumers are increasingly asking for more sustainable brands. But the topic of sustainability has many aspects to consider.

Quantitative Research

Hard figures are convincing. They can help when making important decisions and gather leverage for these decisions.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative market research provides in-depth insight in motivations, emotions, perceptions, (cultural) beliefs, associations.

Your contact

Do you want to know more about how our conscious consumers community can help you to achieve your sustainability goals?

Please contact our research director Durk Bosma.

+31 (0)6 14 23 24 41

We help sustainable food companies to innovate faster and communicate with more impact. We do this by offering accessible and crystal clear consumer insights

In collaboration with other impact-driven food-chain organisations we enable and seduce consumers to make more sustainable food choices. 

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