Packaging test for a sustainable wine brand

THE WINE PACK is a Dutch high quality, organic wine brand. Rather than selling its wine in standard glass bottles, THE WINE PACK reduces its carbon emissions by 80% by selling wine in boxes, using a “bag-in-box” system. But great wine, like many great foods, can look even better when consumers love the packaging. We tested 2 new designs to find out which one works best.



THE WINE PACK asked us to perform a packaging test for them. The goal was to compare two versions of their wine boxes, ultimately to test which design fits their brand values better. 

Our approach:

We asked our Food Forum members for their honest feedback. First, we asked them to fill in a short questionnaire about which packaging represented the brand’s concept best, followed by questions about each design.

Then, the participants were asked to give feedback and discuss the different aspects of each design in our online community, leading to lively and fruitful discussions. 

Findings in a nutshell:

There was a very clear winner between the two designs. One design had a more nature-related appearance, showcasing flowers and vivid colour combinations. The other design was more muted and abstract. The more colourful packaging was liked much better, and more accurately represented the qualities THE WINE PACK is aiming to communicate. 

Feedback on our work:

“The people at Future of Food Institute expertly and quickly helped us test our packaging and communication. The study revealed interesting areas for improvement, which we will definitely implement. The cooperation was particularly pleasant, the report was clear and to-the-point. In short: highly recommended if you want to know how your sustainable product is perceived by your target group and how you can improve it.”  Jeen, Co-founder of THE WINE PACK. 

How can we help you?

We can help you to quickly test new packaging designs for your sustainable food product. Check out our packaging design test page to learn more.

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