Fewer than half of European consumers trust the food system



Since 2018, EIT Food has been studying the issue of consumer trust in the food system and the role of trust in adopting innovations. How motivated are Europeans to make healthy and sustainable food choices? To what extend, and under which conditions, are they open to food innovation and technology? 

Our approach:

We conducted three studies in the Citizen Participation Forum, the European online community. Together with participants from 18 different European countries (total of 232 participants) we discussed food innovation, sustainability issues in the food chain (e.g. excess packaging), and ways to improve trust in food authorities. 

We synthesized our findings together with the large quantitative study of 20,326 consumers (in the same 18 countries) that took place in 2021.

These findings and insights are presented in the annual Trust report of EIT Food. 

Findings in a nutshell:

76% of Europeans are motivated to live a sustainable life, however only 51% of Europeans take sustainability into account when making food choices.

Less than half of Europeans have confidence in the integrity of our food products, and the food chain actors that have earned the highest levels of trust in Europe are farmers. 

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