Preventing Food Waste with Artificial Intelligence and Common Sense

Food is wasted in many different ways. Food service giant Albron combines new technologies, such as a self-learning computer program, with good organization and common sense.

Tackling food waste starts with investigating where waste occurs and how much. One of the ways Albron does this is by partnering with Zero Food Waste. With an image recognition algorithm, Zero Food Waste maps out what goes into the trash, when it happens and why. This data is ultimately used to buy smarter and serve smarter.

The pilot phase is not over yet and it is therefore too early to share concrete results. In any case, the pilot ensures that employees at the locations are more aware of food waste and residual flows.

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Our mission is to help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system, by including the consumer as equally relevant stakeholder.

We offer accessible and clear consumer insights that help all actors in the food chain to effectively support & seduce the consumer to make the sustainable food choice.

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