Marqt in trouble

The sustainable supermarket Marqt has been around for 10 years, has never made a profit, has 15 branches and an expensive and wide range of products. The range has a low turnover rate. This is not particularly conducive to the quality perception of customers in the area of ​​fresh produce – products remain in the shelves too long – and it results in a high loss rate. This slows down turnover and increases purchasing costs. Meanwhile, Marqt faced a formidable competitor in the form of Ekoplaza.

Less than a year after his appointment, CEO Joost Leeflang recently left and RTL Z discovered that the entire Supervisory Board, which mainly consists of shareholders, has resigned. Marqt, meanwhile, is looking at ‘cooperation and strategic alliances in the market’ to overcome this crisis.

UPDATE: UDEA, owner of Ekoplaza, is taking over Marqt, it was announced on October 18.

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