Let’s Rebuild the Broken Meat Industry – without Animals

Covid-19 has laid bare many flaws of industrialized animal agriculture. Plant- and cell-based alternatives offer a more resilient solution. 

The American invention of industrialized animal agriculture accounts for over 99 percent of the meat sold in this country.

But slaughterhouses have become hotspots for Covid-19 transmission, endangering workers and forcing shutdowns that have threatened America’s meat supply. Shortages of meat occur or retailers and restaurants. They  are already feeling the pinch, and this situation is unlikely to resolve anytime soon.

In The New York Times, the CEO of Tyson Foods warned that the “food supply chain is breaking.” The current system has failed, and building back better should start with a wholesale shift to plant-based alternatives and real meat cultivated from cells. Incumbent companies, startups, and the government should work together to transition to animal-free protein production rather than fighting to maintain an unsustainable and unsafe status quo.

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