How the EU Financed Pro-meat Campaign is Back Firing

Let’s talk about pork.

The European Union is investing millions more in the meat industry over the next three years. A particular campaign that has drawn attention of many is aiming at getting young people in Mediterranean countries into eating more pork.

Although pork is still the most consumed type of meat in Europe and the demand for it is increasing worldwide, it has a surprisingly bad image among young people. High time to improve this with a campaign specifically aimed at people up to the age of 35. The slogan? Let’s talk about pork. (This is not a joke, feel free to read it back on the site of the European Union, or visit the site

The applicants for the million-dollar subsidy – pork giants such as Interporc and Agrupalto – are under the assumption that a quasi-cool social media advertising campaign can convince today’s climate-aware children of everything.

The Dutch journalist Emy Koopman suggested to hijack their hashtag and use it to show how funny, lovable and smart pigs really are.  This idea was a.o.  picked up by Dutch website The Happy Activist and they decided to help and make it easy to share lovable pork-facts. They made funny images that visitors could share using #letstalkaboutpork.

The campaign has swung back like a boomerang. If you check the hashtag on popular social media, you will see nothing but lovely pictures of friendly pigs. A great example of the power of consumers.

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