Gen Z may lead the way to a Sustainable Diet

When visiting the website of Impossible Foods, producer of plant-based patties, you will be surprised by the colourful and playful design. This teen-focused website contains an online guide named ‘The Birds and the Threes’ to talk to parents about climate change. Last May, Impossible Foods also released the ‘Kids Rule Insight Report’ about kids’ familiarity with global warming and what they can do against it. Recently, the company behind the Impossible Burger and Impossible Sausage received the Child Nutrition Label from the Department of Agriculture. This is a food crediting statement which makes it easier for them to use their products for the menu’s in public schools.

Why does Impossible Foods focusses themselves so much children, their diets and their knowledge? Because they want to involve younger people in their mission to make the animal agriculture industry obsolete by 2035. Impossible Foods believes that Gen Z can make a big difference by learning about how what they eat impacts the climate. The children’s knowledge can affect their friends’, parents’ and maybe even their grandparents’ diets.

At the same time, of course the products that Impossible Foods produce are highly processed. Introducing them to children at a young age, even in combination with education about sustainability and climate change, will surely raise some eyebrows. Particularly when it comes to influencing the ‘cafeteria tray’, perhaps a larger portion of vegetables, whole grains, and pulses may be preferrable.

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