Food Waste has Decreased (but Remains a Persistent Problem)

In 2010, 48 kilos of food waste was thrown in the garbage per Dutch person per year, in 2016 this was 41 kilos,a significant decrease . Bread, fruit, vegetables and dairy products in particular are (still) being thrown away a lot.

Together against Food Waste, a partnership of the Nutrition Center, Wageningen University and companies such as retailers Albert Heijn and Jumbo, McDonald’s and Rabobank, believes we can do better. “How wasteful are you?” started. The campaign is aimed at families with young children. They through away the most.

The problem in the Netherlands is actually that our daily food is far too cheap, says Els van Diermen, food sector specialist at Rabobank. “Because it is so cheap, people apparently have little trouble with throwing it away.” Nevertheless, experts estimate that the Dutch throw away around € 120 per person per year. For a family it is therefore hundreds of euros.

In recent years, many initiatives have been taken to combat food waste, of which Too Good To Go is the most famous example.

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