City of Amsterdam Switches to Vegetarian

Events of the City of Amsterdam will become vegetarian from 2020 onwards. People who would like to eat meat or fish at receptions, drinks and meeting lunches of the municipality must indicate this in advance. The Amsterdam Party for the Animals took the initiative. “Research has shown that meat and dairy products have a greater impact on the environment. Health gains can also be achieved, for example a lower risk of cardiovascular disease”, writes the party. Amsterdam is the first municipality to decide to do so.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science was one of the first government institutions to decide to change the standard as early as November last year. From now on, meat eaters will have to give up their preference there as well.

What about support among civil servants? “Patronage”, “madness”, “let people choose”. These are a few of the reactions on social media to the proposal of the city of Amsterdam to make vegetarian food the norm at their own events.

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