Cacao free Chocolate for a Sustainable and Honest Supply Chain

Today is Duurzame Dinsdag (sustainable Tuesday), a national day in the Netherlands where a podium is provided for sustainable ideas and initiatives. Even though it is not a Dutch company, Voyage Foods is a perfect example of a company with sustainable ideas.

Looking for more sustainable and accessible options for everyday foods such as chocolate, peanut butter and coffee? Voyage foods replicates them and says they aren’t ‘’alternatives’’ to foods you grew up with, but taste exactly like the foods your familiar with. The only difference is that their chocolate contains no cocoa, their peanut butter contains no peanut and their coffee contains no coffee beans. The cacoa, peanut and coffee beans are replaced by clean label ingredients. The cocoa is for example replaced by grape seeds, sunflower seed meal, sugar, shea butter, salt and natural flavors.

The CEO of the company, Adam Maxwell, is a food scientist who uses his knowledge to reverse products by looking at the molecules of the product. With his products he hopes to solve various problems in the food chain. For chocolate, these are societal and environmental issues. The industry of chocolate deals with child labour and worker exploitation. Besides that, it might get too hot to continue growing trees in the future because of global warming.

The peanut butter will be the first product to launch, available for consumers in November 2021. We are very curious about the taste of the products and which products will be developed in the future by Voyage Foods.

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