Future of Food Report 2019:
Understanding and measuring sustainable food consumption in the Netherlands


Own initiative


What is the state of play when it comes to sustainable food consumption in The Netherlands, looking at it from a consumer’s perspective? How many consumers take sustainability into account when making food decisions? What do they consider to be sustainable food choices?

Our approach:

Literature review on the state of consumer interest in sustainable food.
Survey of 1500 Dutch consumers, representative on age, gender and educational level. 
Fifteen consumer interviews using remote self-interviewing using interview tool from Fibeo. 
Eighteen expert interviews of various actors in the food chain.

Findings in a nutshell:

  1. Consumers are not entirely clear on what is sustainable food.
  2. Reduction of food waste is having a big moment.
  3. There are four distinct segments of consumers who perceive sustainable food in a completely different way.
  4. Concrete arguments focused on the direct advantage for consumers are most effective.
  5. There is little support for technological agricultural innovation.

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