What does Amsterdam eat?


Van Amsterdamse Bodem (VAB), an initiative of De Gezonde Stad


The aim of this study was to find out what residents of Amsterdam eat, or do not eat. Based on the findings, popular chef Vanja van der Leeden designed a sustainable, delicious meal, to represent the ‘Flavour of Amsterdam’.

Our approach:

In collaboration with VAB we designed a questionnaire with the goal of learning about Amsterdam’s eating habits: which cuisine is most popular? What is the most popular herb or spice? Do they tend to eat salty, sweet, or healthy snacks?

The study was conducted by means of an online questionnaire. Participants were recruited from various sources, such as social media, online advertisements and a consumer panel. Participants were representative of the population of Amsterdam by age, gender and district.

Findings in a nutshell:

More than half of Amsterdam residents have specific dietary requirements. The biggest group identifies itself as flexitarian (30%), followed by vegetarian (12%) and vegan (8%). Italian is the preferred cuisine of young Amsterdam residents, while Indonesian is very popular among older generations. Indonesian food is particularly popular as a festive meal, while variations of pasta are a weekly favourite.

Broccoli and mushrooms were most often named the favourite vegetable, while steak, lobster, and sushi, were most often named as “the most delicious dish ever eaten”. When it comes to having a drink with dinner most Amsterdam residents opt for water (flat or carbonated).

Picked up by media:

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