Testing out a new, sustainable food box




The ReduceBox is a food box delivered to your doorstep that not only lets you explore sustainable food products, but also helps you to eat in a more sustainable way. It includes a booklet that poses two challenges for one week: Wasting less food and eating less meat.

Product owner Thomas wanted to know: what is the potential of this concept? Does it work and how can we improve it to even better meet the needs and desires of the target group?

Our approach:

We conducted a small-scale concept test in the Food Forum, our conscious consumer community. First, we shared a questionnaire that presented the concept to the community members and asked them for feedback.

Consequently, a number of interested participants were sent a box to test. During their try-out week, the participants could also communicate about their experience in a dedicated group in the community.

After one week, we conducted interviews with the participants to more deeply understand what they thought about the whole experience; what they enjoyed the most and which barriers they faced.

Feedback on our work:

“I partnered up with the Future of Food Institute to test the ReduceBox with real consumers. The Food Forum was the perfect place to test the concept. All in all, the experience was fun and taught me a lot. Apparently, there are quite some people who like to explore vegetarian food and a sustainable lifestyle. But sometimes they have to be nudged to try out something new. I am confident that we at Goodcase can play that part.”
Thomas Dolleschel, Product owner

We believe that understanding consumers is key to making the food system more sustainable. Successful innovation and impactful communication require a solid foundation of consumer insight. 

We are the insights partner of choice for food companies and non-profits  that aim to have a positive impact on society and our planet. Together we empower consumers to make food choices that are good for them as well as for the planet.

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