Trust in the food chain: key to changing diets

In collaboration with EIT Food, Future of Food Institute conducted a Europe-wide study to better understand the barriers and motivations that consumers face when making healthier and more sustainable food choices.

Increasing consumer trust in the food chain may be a challenging feat, but is the basis of encouraging consumers to change what they eat. When trust is strong, consumers are more likely to get on board with innovation in food, and are more likely to believe health and sustainability claims.

Together with nearly 200 consumers from 13 European countries we developed 12 strategies to increase trust in the food chain, which can be implemented by key food chain stakeholders: farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and authorities. But these are not the only actors that play a role. We discovered that other food chain stakeholders, like: chefs and restaurateurs, NGO’s in agro-food play crucial roles in achieving behaviour change. And finally let’s not forget consumers who influence the eating habits of their peers and are influenced by other consumers.

These strategies boil down to three overarching themes: Transparency & Control, Simplicity, and Love. These themes are at the core of influencing consumers to eat more healthily, more sustainably, and to be more open towards food innovation through increasing trust.

You can read about the 12 strategies, including concrete examples and cases where they are currently implemented, in the full report.

About the study:

This Citizen Participation Forum took place on an online community, where 178 European citizens from 13 countries took part in a total of 40 short assignments. They shared their thoughts, concerns, and experiences with health, sustainability, and innovation in food, through discussions, written and photo assignments, short questionnaires, and polls. A subgroup of 24 participants took part in five live online co-creation sessions (focus groups).

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