Flower Farm Rapped for Jungle Claims

A storm in the Dutch margarine market. A new margarine brand, The Flower Farm, is palm oil free and therefore orangutan friendly. The plant butter is also reasonably priced, with a suggested retail price of € 1.49 for 225 grams. The brand is thus competing with other, more sustainable margarines. And at this price also with regular margarine.

The look and story are reminiscent of Tony’s Chocolonely. The Flower Farm claims that an average family could save 30m2 of jungle per year. That feels good of course.

But the palm oil lobby thinks it sounds too good. Consumers cannot save the rain forest by smearing The Flower Farm palm oil-free margarine on their sandwiches. According to the Advertising Code Committee, statements such as: “For palm oil tropical rain forest is being destroyed”, or “Buying our palm-free margarine helps against a major problem: deforestation of the rainforest” go too far. The campaign is judged to be “misleading and incorrect.” The Flower Farm must adjust the advertisements.

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