Corona Boosts Vegan, Healthy Food and Less Waste

More vegan
A study by Mintel of 2.000 UK consumers reveals that the pandemic and lockdown has had an effect on consumption pattern that might be lasting. More people are into vegan diets, particular younger Brits and Londoners. According to the researchers part of the driver behind this change is that people want the world to change for the better. A vegan diet is considered a way to contribute.

More healthy
But another, more important shift is a shift towards more healthy food.  Overall, almost two in five (37%) Brits say the COVID-19 outbreak has prompted them to add more nutrients that support the immune system to their diet. Almost a quarter of Brits say they are eating more fruit and vegetables since the start of the outbreak.

Less waste

Prompting a ‘waste not want not’ mentality, almost seven in ten (69%) Brits say the outbreak has encouraged them to waste less food at home.

Finally, the study reveals that the virus has sparked an interest in cooking and baking as more than half (55%) of the nation say they plan on cooking more from scratch post-pandemic than they did before.

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