Colruyt’s Ecoscore Helps its Customers Buy More Consciously and Sustainably

While the Dutch food industry is still debating introducing the Nutriscore logo, Belgian supermarket Colruyt has introduced a way to help consumers to make conscious, sustainable purchasing decisions. The Eco-Score, like the Nutri-Score, is based on a ‘robust methodology’ from France and works with similar letters and colors. The Eco-Score shows the impact of the product on the environment throughout its life cycle, from the raw materials, through processing and transport to waste or recycling. Furthermore, a product can receive bonus-malus scores based on sustainability labels, packaging, origin and impact on biodiversity. The Eco-Score goes beyond CO2 emissions, the ‘carbon footprint’, by taking into into account things like transportation, recyclability and certification.

For the time being, the Eco-Score is on some 2,500 private label products. It can be found via the SmartWithFood app. In time, Colruyt also wants to add the Eco-Scores of A brands.

Our mission is to help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system, by including the consumer as equally relevant stakeholder.

We offer accessible and clear consumer insights that help all actors in the food chain to effectively support & seduce the consumer to make the sustainable food choice.

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