Are Dutch consumers prepared to pay for tap water at cafes and restaurants?

The results of our latest study show that they are. Under certain conditions restaurants can ask a reasonable fee for tap water without fear of losing revenue or putting off their guests.

We tapped into our Food Forum to ask nearly 200 consumers if they would be willing to pay for tap water, how much and under which conditions they would be willing to do so.

The heated debate in our community shows that the subject is important to (the price sensitive) Dutch consumers.

What we set out to learn is:

  • What share of consumers is willing to pay for tap water (under different conditions)?
  • How much are they willing to pay?
The most important findings

A simple glass of water is considered to be included in service and not valuable enough to pay for, unless it is the only drink a guest wants to order. In that case, cafes and restaurants can charge a small amount (up to €1,50) without putting off a significant proportion of their clientele. But the decreased perception of hospitality might offset these revenues.

A refillable carafe with an added flavour, such as a slice of lemon, is perceived as a product and service worth paying for. A refillable carafe with additional flavour can be priced between €2,50 and €3,00.

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