Kwalitatief onderzoek

In-depth insight in perceptions and motivations

In-depth understanding

Why do people behave the way they do? Qualitative market research provides in-depth insight in motivations, emotions, perceptions, (cultural) beliefs, associations. In short: it teaches us what makes people tick. And this understanding is needed to understand opportunities to change behavior.

Watching interviews or focus groups often provides the AHA! moments that inspire marketers and create new perspectives.

At Future of Food Institute we have all the necessary knowledge, experience and capabilities to conduct high standard qualitative research. Focus groups, single/duo in-depth interviews, expert interviews, etc..

How we can help

  • Focus groups
  • Single/duo in-depth interviews
  • Expert interviews

Our portfolio


Successful innovations strike the right chord with the target group. They solve a problem, fulfil a need and enthuse the consumer. Success exists by the grace of the consumer.

Communication & Branding

Branding is all about finding your own sweet spot in the consumer’s mind. Communicating is all about making sure you reach the right consumers with the right message at the right moment.

Insights based strategies

Every food brand is concerned with sustainability. Consumers are increasingly asking for more sustainable brands. But the topic of sustainability has many aspects to consider.

Food Forum

Our Community of Conscious Consumers. An easy and accessible solution that will deliver the consumer insights you need.

Your contact

Do you have a question about how qualitative research can help you to gain in-depth understanding of your target audience?

Please contact our research director Durk Bosma.

+31 (0)6 14 23 24 41

We help sustainable food companies to innovate faster and communicate with more impact. We do this by offering accessible and crystal clear consumer insights. 

We love working with mission-driven food companies and non-profits that have a positive impact on society and our planet. Together we empower consumers to make food choices that are good for them as well as for the planet.

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