Why Herd Manure is not needed

Armanda Govers (Stichting Even Geen Vlees) criticises the circular agriculture of livestock farming. Livestock farming defends their raison d’être by claiming that plant food also needs manure as a raw material.

The counterarguments of Govers:

  • When we move away from meat and dairy worldwide, 75% less arable land will be needed
  • Fertilizer is just as good as animal manure for crop yields. You can use compost for soil life
  • Livestock manure can be replaced by ‘human manure’. The faeces (together with fruit and vegetable residues) are transported to a plant from which phosphate (for artificial fertilizer) and biogas (for energy generation) are extracted
  • Food waste streams can also be used for human food, compost, biomass or other innovative applications
  • For the climate it is better to forest grassland, because trees absorb more CO2 than grass.

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