What do “Amsterdammers” eat?

In a recent collaboration with Van Amsterdamse Bodem, De Gezonde Stad, and Food Cabinet, we mapped the eating habits of Amsterdam residents. Over a thousand residents of the Dutch capital, representative of the city’s population in age, gender, and district, participated in the study. We discovered their favourite cuisines, dishes, condiments, and drinks, as well as other food choices.

Dietary requirements

More than half of Amsterdam residents have specific dietary requirements. The biggest group identifies itself as flexitarian (30%), followed by vegetarian (12%) and vegan (8%). These groups are mostly made up of younger people, while older generations are less likely to have a special dietary requirement. Regardless of age, ingredients that Amsterdam citizens would mostly like to avoid in the future are meat, fat, and potatoes, while some would like to increase their intake of fish.

The big favourites

Italian is the preferred cuisine of young Amsterdam residents, while Indonesian is very popular among older generations. Indonesian food (rijst tafel) is particularly popular as a festive meal, while variations of pasta are a weekly favourite. Pasta and rice most often make-up the basis of a meal for most Amsterdam residents, followed by potatoes. In Amsterdam nearly everyone likes garlic in their food (79%), while olive oil, chilies, ginger, and soy sauce are also popular condiments. Broccoli and mushrooms were most often named the favourite vegetable, while steak, lobster, and sushi, were most often named as “the most delicious dish ever eaten”. When it comes to having a drink with dinner most Amsterdam residents opt for water (flat or carbonated).

Staying in or eating out?

Three-quarters of Amsterdam residents enjoy home-cooked meals at least five days a week, and a third reports to barely ever get take-out. Men are more likely to order take our than women, but nearly everyone likes to eat out at least once a month (81%). Most grocery shopping takes place at the super market, however about a quarter of Amsterdam residents (also) shop at specialty or other local shops.

The flavour of Amsterdam

Based on these findings, chef Vanja van der Leeden developed a delicious Indonesian-Italian fusion dish. You can have a look at the recipe and try for yourself here.


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