Smart Solutions for better Soil management presented at the World Soil Day

Our agricultural land is without doubt our most important asset when it comes to the future of food supplies. But in many places our soil is deteriorating. Due to too intensive agriculture in combination with the use of chemicals, a third of the soil has now been exhausted, according to the United Nations. Reason enough to declare December 5 as World Soil Day. On this day the United Nations draws attention to the importance of healthy soil and sustainable use of our valuable soil.

Fortunately, there is also good news. Many farmers and manufacturers have developed a sustainable policy when it comes to using the soil. A good example is the Dutch fries manufacturer Lamb Weston / Meijer. They search for smart solutions together with their farmers and buyers.

For example, they discovered that certain types of marigolds can destroy the entire population of nematodes. And the residual flow from a nearby insect breeder turned out to be a perfect soil improver for the potato fields.

In this way, healthy soil becomes part of a long-term vision of a financially healthy and circular chain.

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