Oatly Makes CO2 Footprint for its Products Transparant

Oatly, the Swedish manufacturer of vegetable dairy drinks, has started to provide insight into the CO2 emissions associated with the production of its products. The front of the packaging shows how many kilos of greenhouse gases the production of a kilo of the product entails. Interested consumers can find a detailed explanation on the Oatly website. It states, among other things, that calculation of the emissions is done by the independent institute CarbonCloud.

In this way, Oatly helps consumers to make concrete the abstract idea of ‘CO2 emissions’. And this removes one of the barriers to sustainable consumption, namely that people do not know exactly what the sustainable choice is.

Of course, it only works if the consumer is able to compare something. Oatly therefore calls on other food manufacturers to provide insight into the footprint of their products. Whether that will actually happen is of course the question. For the time being, it’s only interesting for producers with low CO2 emissions to mention this on their packaging.

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