New Restaurant cooks with leftover Supermarket Products

In Utrecht, the Netherlands, a special restaurant called LEFT has opened their doors. Products that can no longer be sold in the supermarket and excess stock from producers and growers in the area are turned into dishes sold in the restaurant. Products such as fruit, vegetables or bread which are close to the expiration date are given a second chance in delicious salads, soups or sandwiches. The menu changes every day depending on what is left from the supermarket. French toast is the favourite dish of the initiator because it is made with leftover bread, a product which is often left on the supermarket shelves.

The founders of the restaurant, also branch managers of two Albert Heijn supermarkets which participate in the concept, hope to inspire people to waste less food. ‘Eat right’ is central in the restaurant, not only because of the sustainable character of the restaurant, but also because of the healthy variation of products.

In our opinion, this great concept indeed proves consumers that leftovers can be easily processed in new dishes by setting an example and providing inspiration. The restaurant therefore makes a great step into a more sustainable future with less food waste!

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