Lobby against Meat Substitutes launches Counter Campaign

A campaign has been launched in the US that strongly criticizes meat substitutes. In advertisements, the vegetable products are called “extremely processed” and the emphasis is placed on “hidden” ingredients with difficult names.

The campaign is run by the ‘Center For Consumer Freedom (CFF)’. A non-profit organization founded by Richard Berman, said to be funded by “restaurants, food companies and thousands of individual consumers,” who say the organization wants to remain anonymous.

CFF CEO Will Coggin says the following about the campaign: “Real burgers and sausages are made from beef, pork and spices. “Fake meat” is an “ultra-processed” imitation of meat with many ingredients such as methyl cellulose, titanium dioxide and disodium inosinate. “

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness: “It is a response to those who think we only want to frighten with chemical names. Our goal is only to create awareness among consumers that they do not eat grounded plants. And that the alternatives are no healthier than eating meat. If there is any scare, it is the producers of the plant-based alternatives regarding consumer health. ”

Meat substitute manufacturers are still responding by pointing out that many meat products contain unclear and dangerous ingredients. They also state that naming chemical names of ingredients is an easy way to make products appear dangerous, while these ingredients have been safely used in food products for years.

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