Kids love the new Dutch food-themed experience: World Food Center Experience

The World Food Center Experience is a food-themed attraction where children learn about the various aspects of our food system through seeing, listening, interacting and playing. Children will learn about the history and future of food, as well as consequences of the daily food choices they make on their body as well as the environment.

The areas of focus in the Experience are the human body, the food chain, the global food challenge and the role of the Netherlands in food innovation. Visitors are lead through a series of different spaces and experiences related to the food chain.

This experience includes fun activities such as a 4-D, interactive Theatrical Experience and a Restaurant where they can make their own fries with a potato cannon, or blend their own smoothie using a bicycle-powered blender. In other parts of the attraction children will also learn a lot: from hunter-gatherers, agriculture and industrialization, all the way to how the body digests food and to the role different nutrients play in our diets.

If all goes to plan, the World Food Center Experience will open its doors by the end of 2023 in Ede, centrally in the Netherlands. Approximately 300,000 people are expected to visit yearly, both tourists as well as locals.

What do kids think of these plans?

Future of Food Institute conducted a qualitative study with children aged 9 – 15, recruited from our Food Forum Community. The aim was to uncover their expectations and wishes.

All in all the kids were excited about this experience, and all of them indicated that they would like to visit the center when it’s finished. They are curious and want to learn more about the food chain and what the future of food will look like, and love to do this in a fun, playful way.

Fine, age 11, said “It looks beautiful, that hallway with that food on the walls. Not a boring museum, but something where you can eat, see and do things”. Karlijn (9) added “It looks big and fun and educational. I think my parents will like it too. That’s kind of important, because they have to come along!”

Read more about WFCX here (in Dutch)

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