Half-meat Monday: is Hybrid Meat Gonna Work?

The National Week without Meat brings about change, but the question is whether the shift to a considered plant-based diet is fast enough to meet the climate targets. Consumers have not yet massively switched from regular meat to meat substitutes. But what if we combine vegetable and meat in one product – hybrid meat.

Odette Bruls wrote about this in NRC (paper): If we want to change the behaviour of the masses, we have to make it easy. That also argues in favour of hybrid meat. Take a hybrid hamburger. The production process is little different from that of a full meat burger. The costs are not that high, so the supermarket price can remain pleasant. But above all: the buyer and cook of the meal doesn’t have to change his behaviour. The hybrid burger is on the same shelf, can be stored at home in the same refrigerator, prepared in the same pan and served and eaten with the same co-ingredients.

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