Buy Nothing Day: This Friday try to leave your wallet at home.

On Friday, November 26th, people across the world will celebrate ‘Buy Nothing Day’. As the name suggests, this is a day on which people avoid buying anything new. The purpose of this? To raise awareness and take the chance to reflect on our (over)consumption. It is no coincidence that this day is celebrated on the same day as Black Friday – a day known for sales, large discounts, and buying things people don’t really need.

Buy Nothing Day offers an opportunity to consider how easily many of us have access to food we need and crave. With supermarkets, mini-markets, take-out places, and restaurants around every corner (at least in the larger cities), access to food has never been easier or quicker. In larger cities, groceries can be delivered within 10 minutes, and even in rural areas, chances are you can get a pizza at your doorstep in less than an hour.

So what is the problem with that? The issue with overconsumption is largely environmental. The low cost and convenience with which we can get our hands on food is a modern miracle, but it does not represent the true cost of what we consume.

The way most food is produced, distributed, and consumed today causes significant damage to soil, climate, water, biodiversity, and public health. Reducing our consumption of (unsustainably produced) food is one of the most effective ways of lightening our environmental footprint. Particularly food that we do not need.

On top of that, overconsumption and materialism are linked to poorer mental health.

Enough reasons to give Buy Nothing Day a try.

So how can you participate? It’s quite simple: buy nothing! Challenge yourself to not spend any money on new things (or focus only on food) for these 24 hours.

Plan in advance, and get creative: use up what’s in your pantry, fridge, or freezer. If you feel good the day after you can make this a monthly, or even weekly habit.

At Future of Food Institute we will challenge ourselves to not make a single purchase between Thursday evening and Saturday morning. We will also challenge our European community and our Dutch Food Forum to do the same.

Will you join us?

If the temptation becomes too big, you can just leave your wallet at home.

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