Better Way of Agriculture Absorbs CO2

Whereas in the Netherlands the tractors drive through The Hague and Den Bilt, elsewhere they are working on solutions for the emission of harmful gases from agriculture. The American company Indigo Ag has a plan. They are going to pay farmers to work their land in such a way that it absorbs co2. In this way they want to achieve a co2-reduction of one terraton (a trillion tons). The farmers will receive $15 per tonne.

Because of other ways of grazing, less ploughing and other crops, co2 disappears from the air into the ground. Estimates of the effectiveness of this method vary, but the most positive scenario is that the current amount of agricultural land in the world can absorb all global CO2 emissions.

But that is not all. The soil will also benefit. Less fertilizer is needed, less pesticides and less water.

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