Plant-based Frontiers

Consumer perspective on the plant-based revolution

The Plant-Based Revolution

In more and more product categories there are plant-based alternatives to the animal standard. Consumer acceptance is rising and technological developments make it possible to make products that come closer and closer to the animal originals in terms of product properties.

But what is the potential? And what determines to what extent a product category becomes plant-based? Part of the answer lies in the consumer’s perception and acceptance. With the help of thorough research, we can provide the consumer’s perspective.

Questions to be answered

We will answer the following questions. Where possible and relevant per product category.

  • What share of the Dutch consumers is open to plant-based alternatives?
  • What are the considerations, drivers and barriers? In other words, why or why not?
    • Health / sustainability / trendy / taste / “naturalness”
    • Credibility of the plant-based alternative
    • Price
    • “Indispensability” of the product category
    • Perceived need to replace animal products in the product category
  • And what about other ways to get protein, such as in vitro meat, insects, algae, seaweed?
  • What differences are there between product categories? In which categories do providers have to fight hardest for acceptance of plant-based varieties?
  • What are potential triggers for switching to plant-based?

Product categories included

The potential for plant-based is not equal in all categories. While a plant-based burger is commonly accepted, a plant-based omelette may still be a stretch. 

We will look into the following categories:

  • Meat (processed and unprocessed, chicken, etc.)
  • Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.)
  • Fish
  • Other (eggs, pastry)


The Study

The study will consist of a number of stages. 

  • Desk Research to understand what is already known and build a theoretical framework
  • Qualitative research to understand the consumer’s perspective and enhance the theoretical framework
  • Quantitative research to measure and quantify

We expect the results to be ready in July 2021. The report will be available for free and downloadable from this website.

Download the research set-up here (in Dutch).

Your logo here?

We are looking for sponsors who want to contribute to building knowledge about the plant-based revolution. In return for a contribution to the study we can offer a very interesting media package for sponsors that want to connect to their name to the study. A contribution can be financial, but we are also looking for knowledge and communication partners. If you want to learn more about our partner options, please contact Durk Bosma.

Learn more

Do you have a question about this study, what you can learn from it or how you can contribute?

Please contact our research director Durk Bosma.

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