Insights based strategies

Choosing the right direction by understanding market dynamics and consumers behavior 

Strategy development

Every food brand is concerned with sustainability. Most organizations are intrinsically motivated to deliver a product that is better for this world. On the other hand, consumers are increasingly asking for more sustainable brands. But the topic of sustainability has many aspects to consider.

Making the right choices is difficult and marketers must answer many questions. In order to determine a well-considered and thoughtful strategy, the following questions must be answered:

  • How important is sustainability in my category in the consumer’s purchasing decision, compared to other purchase motives such as price and taste?
  • Which elements of sustainability play a role?
  • Which elements of sustainability do not yet play a role, but probably will in the future?
  • How does my brand score on sustainability?
  • How do my competitors score?

The Future of Food Institute answers these questions in a clear and unambiguous way. And that is how we help you to make the right strategic choices.

Our portfolio

Quantitative Research

Hard figures are convincing. They can help when making important decisions and gather leverage for these decisions.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative market research provides in-depth insight in motivations, emotions, perceptions, (cultural) beliefs, associations.

Food Forum

Our Community of Conscious Consumers. An easy and accessible solution that will deliver the consumer insights you need.

Our annual study on how consumers think and feel about sustainable food and how this translates into actual behavior.

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We help sustainable food companies to innovate faster and communicate with more impact. We do this by offering accessible and crystal clear consumer insights

In collaboration with other impact-driven food-chain organisations we enable and seduce consumers to make more sustainable food choices. 

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